Paranormal Reconnaissance and Exploration


                Is this paranormal?

             What did I just see?

           Why is this happening?

     Am I crazy?

Need some answers?


We are a team of investigators based in the central United States.  It is our passion to help those who are experiencing paranormal activity.  Although we are open minded, our main goal is to uncover the truth whether it is paranormal or not.  We believe that knowing the truth always comforts those who need help and it is our job to give them the facts, counsel, and an ear to listen.  Our investigations are thorough and conducted in a professional manner with the utmost respect for the client and the property they inhabit.  Our investigators have a genuine compassion for our clients and a desire to help them through their time of need. They have been trained on the latest equipment to ensure that all possible paranormal and non-paranormal avenues have been covered.  If you have actual activity occurring in your home or business, it is our mission to educate and counsel our clients, to stand by them in their time of need and to present the any evidence caught in its genuine nature.  If we do not reach a conclusion in our first investigation, we are willing to take  further steps until our client has been satisfied.  We won't leave you hanging. If your experiences require a religious intervention, we can assist you in making suitable arrangements with the denomination of your choice. All investigations are conducted in a discreet manner. Out of respect for our clients, we understand that publicly reporting suspected activity in their homes or businesses can be read the wrong way. It is therefore our policy to keep all investigations under the  strictest confidence and on a one on one basis. If you feel you have activity in your home or business, we urge you to contact us and make arrangements at your earliest convenience. Since our team conducts investigations to help those who have no where else to turn, we do not charge for our services.  

It is our belief that knowledge is power and with that knowledge comes the strength to overcome these hurdles and give our clients peace of mind. 


Paracon is a non-profit paranormal investigative organization.  If you wish to support our cause to assist those in need and our research of the paranormal... you may do so by attending one of our Public Ghost Hunting Classes, or make a private donation directly to the team.  If you choose the latter, you can do so by contacting the team at .   ALL funds raised and donations go towards equipment and equipment upgrades, traveling expenses and team necessities.  Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!   

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